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Kid Dan belongs to the HUB/Dan Mandel 

Stanton belongs too…

This is based from a rp where they suffered abuse by the same person abuse of which I shall not name I want to keep the rating friendly after all.
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United States
Favorite genre of music: Mostly anything, I even like this one rap song
Favorite style of art: Cartooney/ Abstract
How Shy Are You?

[x] You don't like public speaking. (I got pretty nervous talking in front of the class)

[]  You find it hard to talk to strangers. (Strangely I can talk to strangers if they talk to me first)

[X] You don't like to look people in the eye (I tend to look downwards and find it odd too look people straight in the eye)

[] You hate using public restrooms.  

[] You hate to go shopping alone.

Total: 2

[X Being introduced to new people makes you nervous. {Most definently I don't know what to say and my heart rate goes up }

[x] When you're in a group of people, it's difficult to think of what to say.  (I'm not big on speaking either way)

[ ] You have a lot of trouble talking to the opposite sex.  (Just talked to a guy a few days ago XD)

[X] You hate to be teased. (Well who likes it? Teasing is why I went into isolation as a child)

[] You hate answering the door.


[x] You can't stand people watching you.   (Hate it so much, I like my privacy)

[] One on one conversation makes you nervous.

[x] You don't like to ask people for help. (I didn't care much for asking teachers questions in school)

[] You hate to read out loud.(Acutally had a lot of fun doing this when reading Lady Macbeths part in school XD)

[XXXXXX] You don't like answering questions (HATE! I hate questions espically if I don't know the answer and I just don't like explaining things and whenever a person at a hotel asks if we got room service because we want towels or what do you want when I'm holding dirty towels, ARGH that's the one I hate the most I just want those damn towels screw room service! Obviously we didn't get it, the room is paid for just give the motherfucking towels! I just feel small and stupid when they ask that question.)


[] You dread ordering food at restaurants.

[x] You are uncomfortable at parties, unless you know everyone well. (I don't do parties, went to a halloween school party and felt pretty uncomfortable, ended up leaving when I couldn't find the boy I wanted to talk too)

[] You don't like to talk, because you're afraid of being embarrassed by what you say.

[] You wish you were more outgoing.

[ ] You hate being in the center of any room

Total: 8

[] You don't know how to react to compliments.

[] You prefer reading, writing, or listening to music than being around too many people.

[] You blush easily.

[x] You spend a lot of time in your room.

[x] You don't like talking about personal things with people you don't know very well.(I hated when my aunt started asking family questions I didn't want to answer)
Total: 10
Overall Total: 10
Multiply your overall total by 4 to find out what percent of shyness you are. Then title this journal entry, "I Am __% Shy."

40 percent? Hmm I want to add....when I had a crush I was way too shy to tell him so I never had a boyfriend and I have a fear of messing up orders when I get a job.

Still 40 percent isn't so bad.…
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing


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